Tourist places in kannur, Tourist attractions in Kannur

Tourist places in kannur, Tourist attractions in Kannur

Kannur – the land of looms and lores – is a fascinating place to explore in Kerala. Being the cradle of looms and ageless ritualistic folk arts like Theyyam and folk music, Kannur has always remained a land of undying charms. It is an ancient city which served as an important trading centre of Kerala in the 12th century.

Choottad Beach – 

This is a radiant, unexplored beach located in Pazhayangadi, 30 kms from Kannur town. The beauty of this place is nothing short of spectacular. With lush green Ezhimala on one side and clear blue Perumba backwaters and trees lined on the other, this place offers a unique view and experience.

Dharmadam Island – 

Dharmadam Island (Green Island) is an enchanting paradise located at Thalassery. It’s a beautifully, secluded spot with coconut trees and dense bushes extending upto 5 acres. The island is just 100 meters from the mainland of Dharmadam.

Payyambalam Beach –

Payyambalam beach offers several activities like water skiing, parasailing and boat ride conducted by Kerala Tourism. There is also a beach garden on top of the cliff which forms the natural border on one side of the beach.

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park – 

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is one of the major attractions in Kannur. It is located in Anthoor Municipality about 16 kms from Kannur Corporation. The snake park was founded for the conservation and preservation of snakes in Kerala.

Being a historically important district in Kerala, there are several beautiful places to visit in Kannur that will captivate every traveller.


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