Most Beautiful Places in England

Most Beautiful Places in England

The country is home to an array of lovely places and things that can only be truly appreciated in person.While London draws millions of visitors, there’s so much more to England than its capital city.

Minack Theater, Cornwall

The coast of Cornwall is arguably one of the most beautiful coastlines in England ,especially at Minack, a beautiful open-air theater carved into the granite of the cliffside that overlooks Porthcurno Bay.The Minack Theatre is an open-air theatre, constructed above a gully with a rocky granite outcrop jutting into the sea.Whether you visit during the day for the stunning views of the turquoise bay or for a performance at night, this beautiful spot is sure to be seared in your mind forever.


Bath’s fame may come from its appearance in the famous “Canterbury Tales,” however, it’s a stunning site all on its own.If you want to be entranced by historic beauty, trust us, Bath is the place for you.

The Seven Sisters, East Sussex

Stark white cliffs sound like something from a fantastical novel, but they exist — in England. You might be familiar with the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, but there’s another great spot to see the chalk landforms. Known as the Seven Sisters, these white cliffs sit near the English Channel in East Sussex. The white cliffs contrast beautifully with the green grassland that covers them and the blue ocean below. Visitors can take walks or bike in the area and admire the beautiful scene of the Seven Sisters, though be careful: The cliffs are made of chalk and therefore aren’t the sturdiest.

Derwentwater, The Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful national park in the mountainous region of England that has our vote for one of the most beautiful places in England. The lake beautifully reflects the Northwestern Fells and Cat Bells, a group of hills that frame the lake with sprawling green in the summer


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